Daily Tips for Happy Home

Gratitude Journal

In just a few words each day, a person can find tranquility. Get a journal and use it to write down thoughts and aspirations. If something is weighing on the mind, a journal is a great way to express those feelings.

It’s possible to start a gratitude journal with just one line per day. Getting one thought out, however large or small, at the end of the day can give a person the chance to free up their minds a little bit. By doing this, they can feel lighter and like their brain isn’t so preoccupied with too many thoughts.

Get Into It

It’s a fact of life: we all have tasks on our agendas that aren’t fun. No one loves to do the dishes or take out the garbage, but they are necessary for a thriving household. Find ways to get the whole family excited about contributing.

Play fun music and dance while cleaning the house or awards prizes for completing chores. Get excited about accomplishing tasks that benefit the entire family. Have a goal in mind and when the goal is reached, award the household with a big prize like an exciting day at an amusement park or a new swing set.

Have Intent

Each morning when it’s time to wake up, have positive thoughts. Be grateful for waking up to another day and think about what the most important things in the world are to the household. Have a goal of intent in mind to accomplish throughout the day.

Aim to be productive or enjoy small moments. Have a goal of saying something positive to each member of the family or doing one selfless deed. It can be a big or small intention, but whatever is the goal for the day, accomplish it with positivity and a bright smile. This can lead to a happier attitude in the long run.

Do Small Favors

A great way to brighten up the mood in any household is to help someone out and expect nothing in return. That means not even needing to hear someone say thanks after doing them a favor. This practice can help foster a nice, healthy relationship with the rest of the family.

Keeping score creates tension often ends with members of the family trying to outdo each other. This constant state of competition will lead to a negative vibe around the house as well as a lot of fighting among the family. Doing something simple like taking out the trash or walking the dog without making a big deal of it can do wonders.

Call Someone

Taking a few minutes to connect with a loved one on the phone can make a big difference. This can help brighten up a relative’s mood and cheer them up if they’ve been feeling down. It also will bring more positivity into the family’s household.

Humans thrive on socializing, even if we don’t feel like it. Talking to another person helps to foster connections and boost our self-esteem. This can also help the family learn more about their loved ones and maybe even get to spend more time with them. Remember: texting and emailing is not the same as making a phone call!

Spend on Experiences

Instead of spending money on little things that end up not being useful, save money for something awesome! Save up for a new video game system that the whole family can play together. Put away money for a quick weekend getaway to a museum or amusement park that the whole family will love.

This way every member of the household will be able to spend time with one another, improving their relationships. It’s also a great opportunity to throw a backyard barbecue or pizza party and invite friends and neighbors into the home. Spending money on memorable experiences is worthwhile for the entire family.

Connect with a Higher Power

Whether or not someone is religious, they can find a connection to something spiritual. It’s beneficial to take a few minutes every day to meditate and reflect on the universe that surrounds us. For those that practice a religion, they can become in tune with their higher power.

In addition to reflection, a person connecting with a higher power can write in a journal, take a walk in a beautiful natural setting, or even create a relaxing sanctuary at home. Enjoying a hot bath, reading a calming book, and lighting a few fragrant candles can help elevate the mood in the household.

Color and Mood

Research has shown that colors can absolutely affect our moods. Indian philosophy deals with seven chakras that are in tune within our bodies. Each chakra is represented by a different color. The Root Chakra is red, the Sacral Chakra is orange, the Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow, the Heart Chakra is green, the Throat Chakra is blue, the Third Eye Chakra is indigo, and the Crown Chakra is violet.

When it comes to color therapy, green is seen as being the safest, most calming color, Orange and red can cause a lot of excitement and irritation. For those with anxiety, blue can help them calm down. But those with depression would not find comfort in anything blue.


It’s important to note that love comes from much more than just words. Affection is given through touch as much as it’s given through words and intent. By using touch, we can share our love with those who matter to us most.

Giving children a hug, holding hands with a spouse, and cuddling with the person who means the most are all ways to spread love through affection. This goes a long way in connecting with others and cultivating strong relationships within a person’s entire family. Just a small amount of touch and affection can brighten up a person’s entire day.

Positive Words

Each morning, think of three things to be grateful for. These things could be about the family, a job, or even a hobby. Write them down and display them in the home so every member of the household can see them.

By doing this, the whole family will be able to find positivity throughout the day. They will find that their brains will be trained for gratitude and thankfulness in and out of the home. A simple task like writing down what makes a person thankful can lead to an increase in happiness and joy for an entire family.

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