Tips for a Happy home

1 Review what your family has done for the day.

List all the happy memories that happened. Or perhaps, ask them what the best part of today’s activities is. Once you are done collecting their thoughts and ideas, reflect which activity is the best and make it happen again in the future.

2 Take care of the tasks at home.

You cannot let all the dishes wash themselves, right? So while your partner and children are away for work and school, clean the house and do the pending jobs at home. You can also use your spare time to cook them dinner so that when they come home, you don’t have to rush things up. You can just microwave the food and get it ready to eat.

3 Remember; do not fight with your spouse in front of the kids.

If you can tone down your voice, do it. Argue inside your bedroom and make sure your kids do not suspect that a fight between the two of you is brewing. A happy home is one that has a calm environment. Likewise, do not allow your kids shout at you. Talk to them privately and intimately. Do not teach them how to argue, and admonish them, if necessary.

4 Tell your kids that they are very fortunate to have a brother or a sister (if they have any).

Tell them that fighting with siblings is bad and is not good for the harmony of the family.

5 Do not spend all your time at work.

See to it that you have spare time for the children and for your partner.

6 Be positive and appreciate what you have.

Be Grateful you have a Home and make Gratitude part of your daily life in your home.

Family will always be the best group of people in your life. Be sure that if you want to make their lives happy, start with your own family and always wear the happy smile on your face.

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